In the Head Rogue's head

My mind is full of nonsense. "Mind fluff" I like to call it. It's mostly pointless, meaningless jibber-jabber but, oddly enough, I find it entertaining. This blog is a place for me to display the fruits of my mental fluffiness. It'll mostly be doodles and unfinished drawings with a few completed ones thrown in (or at least a link to the finished work). Occasionally I'll write a few things to flesh out the characters represented in the drawings, or to give a feel for the worlds they inhabit. As the content warning page should have warned you, there will be adult content. Definitely nudity (possibly graphic), profanity, mild, cartoon violence(possibly not so mild), and humourous adult situations. If these things aren't your thing, you've been warned, so don't complain. If they are your thing, then be welcome. Sit back, relax and (hopefully) enjoy.


Head Rogue